Update 0.189.2 is available now!

Attention! This update does not support previous saves!


Game-Breaking bugs:

* Rare crash when loading saves / Fixed
* Rare crash on the list of companies / Fixed
* Rare crash when using Hitman / Fixed
* Rare crash in the "Rating" window / Fixed
* Not being able to start a new game / Fixed

Exploits and balancing:

* Transport companies being too overpowered / Fixed

Serious bugs:

* Age and race in the character generator does not work / Fixed
* Map error after loading a save / Fixed
* Killing people you owe money makes the debt stay forever / Fixed
* Unable to fully repay a loan / Fixed

Minor bugs/complaints:

* Unprofitable companies were shown as profitable / Fixed
* Translation errors for the English version / Fixed
* English version had no text for the Hitman / Fixed
* Russian version had no text for some states / Fixed
* CEO skill point UI being confusing / Fixed
* Some other UI errors / Fixed
* Voting starts before issuing shares or expanding / Fixed
* Your company still has to vote even if you own a majority / Fixed
* Many small bugs / Fixed
* English and Russian versions had no text for Cardinal / Fixed


* Ubuntu and SteamOS support
* Windowed mode
* Experimental support for 21:9 monitors
* Technologies
* Unemployment statistics and its impact on wages
* New ambition "Take loan"
* New agent - Collector
* New sliders "Salary level", "Daily production rate", "Research funding" in company statistics
* New artwork
* Difficulty settings
* Added skill levels in the character tooltip

Being worked on:

* Political system
* Support for Mac
* The system of opposition and support to the player (from enemies and friends)
* More difficulty options
* Mergers & Acquisitions
* Character customization
* New voting popups in companies

And much more…

Thank you all for the continued support of Plutocracy, whether through buying the game, leaving reviews or helping us find bugs we appreciate it all!

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