The next patch

Hello, there!

We're gonna release a patch #3 at the end of this week.

So, what's new?

- modified the auction gameplay
- Election campaign
- Lobbying laws
- and much more

We'll post the details on the patch release day. Now we feel like telling you about the details of the political system: the structure of the legislative power, individual differences in political ideology as well as a political campaign.

In the mentioned patch, you'll be coming across with state politicians - members of a state legislature. As you know, every state legislature is divided into two chambers, the upper chamber headed by the Lieutenant Governor and the lower chamber headed by the Speaker of the majority party.

We've started developing the system at the bottom of the political hierarchy; in future updates, we'll be releasing the next executives - the US President, the Supreme Court, etc. - so that the player climbs from the bottom to the top of the political ladder.

There are 2 factions - the Democrats and Republicans - in which all politicians have different ideological views in the game world:

- Democrats are aiming at lobbying for a law that reduces individual income tax but increases corporate tax;

- Republicans are supporters of an open market with low export duties. At the same time, they support protectionist economic policy that erects tariff and other barriers to trade with other nations.

To get max benefit, you should be flexible in the confrontation of two ideologies.

The election process: select a candidate and run him for the opponent post. Most influential politicians, also having an impeccable reputation, have a good rating among voters so it'll be hard to win.
To win, you need to get more votes than your opponent. You can choose a right track - finance a campaign, participate in debates, give promises to feed the electorate - or bribe voters, get dirt on your opponent (so that the rating is low) or even, eliminate him...
Watch the opponent's behavior and, as a result of that, the dynamics of change in the electorate's mood. Control the mass consciousness, take a look at the number of voters so that your opponent does not to get more voters than you.

Then you'll have your puppet in a state legislature to spread the influence and make more money!
What further differences in the political ideologies do you think we should incorporate? Actually, only you can run for your assistants at different political posts. Would you like to run openly or as a secret ruler in the shadows?

While we're preparing an update, leave your thoughts about that.

'Plutocracy' is based on politics and lobbying laws. We're planning to integrate it with the economics before at the end of March.

What's scheduled for the EA?

- Run a company: you'll have more than 30 economics indicators which effect a company's income - use that to make more money! (it'll be available in 2 weeks).

- Bonds/shares issue

- Company technologies

- Director's orders and strategies (these are automatic settings to get rid of routine micromanagement)

- AI (your opponent)

- Game balance (to be happy playing the game, it's necessary to fix different inconsistencies because the game has a lots of figures and data. Your feedback will help us a lot!)

- Fix bugs and the game optimization. It takes much time, guys! We don't want to release the raw game because we know it's always irritating! So we want to meet you halfway by giving the opportunity to get the alpha before the early access run. The game will be up for grabs after we are all set to start. Thanks for your understanding!

We are an indie studio and, in some sense, we have one attempt to get ahead. You need to understand us - not be disappointed - if we pull off the release date. We do want you to like the game otherwise 2,5 years will be wasted.

We have good news, we're gonna hire a few programmers to speed up! We see you're looking forward to the early access release, it's like a breath of fresh air!

Eventually, we should make game footage to cheer you up!

All the best,
Redwood games team!
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