The patch #3

Hello, everyone!

The patch #3 is ready. Go to update, guys!

What's new?

It's partially implemented the political system:

1. It's released one of three branches of the US government - Legislative (at the level of a state legislature).

2. Divide into two chambers, the upper chamber headed by the Lieutenant Governor and the lower chamber headed by the Speaker of the majority party.

3. Divide politicians into two factions (Republicans and Democrats).

4. Politicians stick to the faction views but, now and then, they can vote against that or abstain.

5. Added a few laws (taxes, working conditions, etc.).

6. Lobby a law through politicians.

7. Governor's veto (the full functionality will be available in the next update).

8. Run your assistant for any post.

9. Election campaign.

10. The player can select the election campaign strategy.

11. The player gets influence points, votes (during the voting for a law) for a politician puppet.

During this month, we're fully planning to implement the legislative branch of the US government

What else?

1.Added the hotkey 'Space' to skip a turn.

2. Fixed the logic of rising property prices.

3. Added new luxuries.

4. The player gets influence points by purchasing a item at auction.

5. The salary of an assistant matches his skills.

Game balance

We have a request to check the influence balance the player gets from his politicians puppets, the stake in a company, luxuries. We're waiting for your feedback.

Next update

1. Implement an economic model for running a company after purchasing a controlling interest.

2. Implement the judicial branch of the US government.

3. Implement the executive branch of the US government.

4. 'Plutocratopedia' (guide).
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