Window statistics and management. First look + teaser!

Hello friends!

We are breaking our long radio silence with good news! We have completed work on the economic part of the game. Frankly, we didn't expect to be so stuck in this. 11 different mechanical developments during the whole time! And spent a lot of time on this part of the game.

And finally we are satisfied with it. Some mechanics can still change after releasing in early access (Steam), by September 20, we will try to give what we have to the alpha testers for testing, and as close as possible to the release of the game in Steam. There is not much to wait, it remains to do simpler things.

Here, for example, looks like the window of the financial statistics of the company:
As a basis, we took the concept of a single window, which would fit the key indicators of the company, and the whole structure and causal relationship of financial flows was understood.

Also, we wanted the player to be able to immediately make a decision in this window, make changes and influence the financial performance of the controlled company.

All indicators, more than 40, are interconnected with each other and technologies that provide growth can only be obtained from a merger with another company.

Moreover, we went a little further than the original plans and realized the influence of both the CEO and the board of directors on the company and its financial performance.

Now, being appointed to the board is not just a way to improve loyalty with any influential character, but also a way to raise the image of the company, i.e. it buzzed, and give an impetus to the development of any direction - whether it be an increase in the quality of processing of raw materials, or a decrease in accident rate.

You will have to skillfully maneuver between the desire to increase profits and the growing risks of strikes and accidents, placing directors in different directions. Then, the directors themselves will have different effects, depending on the strength of their abilities in the economy.
Also, having studied corporate law, we gave the board more functions.
Now, the council will vote on key issues - such as issuing shares / bonds, or paying dividends. And the player's relationship with each member of the council will play a key role in the voting.

We wanted to convey an important moment in the economic part of Plutocracy that people decide everything. And that the company inside is not just numbers, but, first of all, the relationship between company owners and top managers.

Because in most economic simulators, the emphasis is on pumping and creating production chains, and often rests on micromanagement. We decided to go our own way, and convey the impact of relations between people in the company on its growth.

This makes the game not so simple, because even your decision, as the owner of the company, to improve any obvious direction can stumble upon the director's sabotage, due to his low loyalty to you!

And you have to decide what to do in this case - to dismiss, try to convince again, or ...
In general, we will not disclose all the nuances - leaving them for personal review.

We will expect that you treat with understanding that we rarely communicate in the last time - the work is really going hard, and we need to be in focus. We will try to polish the game to the level of early access within a month.

We understand that many already have no patience - but there is very little left compared to what we have already passed! It is a fact. And the hardest part - the economic part - is finally behind.

If everything further goes according to plan, then on September 26 we expect to give the build of the game for verification to Steam.

Anyway, thanks for believing in us and Plutocracy! The game really becomes better every week, and as soon as we complete the check from Steam, we'll give the exact date of the game's early access.

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