The role of bandits in the game.

Friends, we've almost done it! 2 days and $400 left to get the goal! Thanks so much for your help and support the project!

Today we'd like to tell you how a player is able to affect the game world "Plutocracy". An agent of influence are one of key characters of the game. We wanna present to your attention a character who embodies the whole spirit of the wild west of the Gilded Age of America.

Well..this agent is "Bandit": "Give me your dough!"
"Bandit" is used by those players who wanna take risks and get their goals despite the consequences. "Bandit" is a criminal character so there will always be a risk of being got by the police and the whole justice system that we made in the game.

But if you're a tough guy and get used to play hard without any rules, then you should use that radical agent. A character doesn't sell the shares, and you've run out of patience? Or some competing company starts building up its development? Stop talkin'! Use the agent! Probably, everyone has heard about such famous bandits as Jesse James, Butch Cassidy or Sundance Kid.

At times they were a real threat to entire states by destroing businessmen who arrived to improve the wild west as well as the banks that they were robbing! We'd like to point out that all pragmatic capitalists of that time wanted to be a friend of this character ....

We're incline belive that you've got a question: why're there a host of criminal agents in the game 'bout big business and politics? Just imagine that time ...it goes without saying for that "wild" time. In the game, every state has its own crime level so you should take it into account when making business.Bandits need money and bandits can become a dangerous and influential weapon in a competitive struggle.
For instance, you'll be able to stick up the necessary company through the head of bandits to steal company's revenue. That'll slow down the company development.

Playing big business, you can use different ways of competitive struggle. But the force way has always been the key method of a bandit to achieve his goal. If you like the spirit of the wild west, if you're an adherent of tough decision, you'll be able to be a friend of this character.

But if you'd rather to take the least risk, then you'll have other tools of influence....We'll tell you 'bout ones next time:) Follow the news and announcements.

Thanks so much that you keep reading the updates and stay with us. We appreciate it.

Best regards,
Redwood Games team
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