Characters' features in Plutocracy

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Today we want to tell you a little how the game diplomacy is arranged as well as how a player will be able to interact with the characters. Every character has got unique features that look like duality. We live in a world where there's good and evil, light and dark. So, we want to put forward that idea through the character's features and beliefs.

Every feature affects the gameplay. For instance, the feature "slow or resolute" affects the speed of decisions making on a deal. The time is an essential resource like in our life. So, the character who has the "slow" feature will be slowin' you down and "resolute" one will be savin' your time. If you need to make a deal with a governor to get some government contract but he's "the slowest" in the universe of Plutocracy, so you'll get a hard choice: either spend your time or invest one in other stuff.

The feature "reliable or insidious" will make an additional danger for the player in the form of intrigues from a character. For example, you made an agreement with some character to start up a new company or lobby a law but he's got the feature "insidious", so your agreement may be broken. He can stab you in the back at the most inappropriate moment...

Every duality has a power scale. The closer the duality measure to the positive mark, the deeper that feature will be feeling in the character. All in all, we've made more than 10 dualities where every of the ones has 10 marks. It means that completely the same characters are possible only in the case of 1 out of 10 billion!

Someone of the characters will be tolerant of racial or religious affiliation, and someone will get your enemy 'cause you lobbied for a law giving more rights to immigrants, women and black people. All the options make the character unique. The player possesses of the ones, too. All these options overlap and intersect. As a result, there's a relationship between the characters and the player.

Make good relationships with influential characters and open up a world of unlimited opportunities. If connections are everything, then choose the necessary friends by making 'em as allies to struggle for financial power. Common interests, beliefs and points of view will give a hand you to make friends.

If you're in the interests of the Democrats and kill time by playin' golf, you'll be able to make good relationships with the characters who have the same interests and political beliefs like you. But if you start makin' with members of the Republican Party, then the Democrats will get away from you.

There's nothing permanent - in the game, everything flows, everything changes makin' to trim the sails to the wind catching all the nuances and supporting relationships with the necessary characters.

You should constantly maneuver between different interests and people groups by manipulatin' their needs and values like a real eminence grise to give a success. In that world that's almost impossible not to make enemies - the diplomacy system of the game challenges each hard-headed player!

In Plutocracy, the diplomacy ain't something mediocre and insignificant - in fact, that's the key to many secret doors of the economic and political world that we create. Not having one will be extremely difficult to win!

This diplomacy system is most accurately simulates the characters relationships in our book. What do you make of that? Will it be playable and interesting? Leave your thoughts on the campaign page, discussions on Steam and social networks.

Friends, we'd like to remind you can back up our project if you didn't make it. We only have a little time left for that. Stay with us and develop your diplomacy skills in the game Plutocracy!

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Redwood Games team

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