Fiery 90% of the goal and the agent of influence "Pyro"

Hello, friends!

We've collected 90% of the goal! That's the good news! Left just a little bit to implement our thoughts. Let's do it! We've 4 days left.

We're a real ball of fire when we see that we've almost achieved the campaign goal. So...today there will be a "fiery" update:)

We'd like to tell you about the next agent called "Pyro".

"Pyro" is a criminal character in the game, so when you use his services, you can be accused by the district attorney (if he's not your friend or you've not got a dirt on him). He's a powerful tool to struggle with opponents.

You bought up a company's stake and gonna expand to get over more market share but your opponents put a spoke in your wheel? "Pyro" is a key of success!

In the game, the agent arranges sabotage in the opponent's company. If he's cautious, then the arson will be arranged but with a certain probability. The probability depends on the level of fire safety of the company and the security forces. You can set fire to oil pipelines and fields, undermine the railway tracks and a host of other buildings of different types of companies!

Fire destroys company assets. A company stops producing the required volume of products, and as a result, the market share gets free. That's your chance! Squeeze out your opponent!

Increase your capacity, produce more product and bring one to the market. Buy up the rest of your opponent cheaply and sell it at an auction or take it over by your company.

That's the agent "Pyro". There are lots of other charismatic character who can help you achieve your goals. Sometimes they're legal, sometimes not quite.

Now, we need your help to reach the campaign goal!
There is not much time left and only a little is left for the goal ...around $1500.

Share the campaign page through social networks, tell your friends, leave your comments on the campaign page, Steam.

Thanks a lot that you help us come true our dream!

Best regards,
Redwood games team

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