Patch 0.194.7 is available in beta branch now!


Vulnerabilities and balancing:

* The probability of loan default has been changed.
* Players now pay with "Influence" for any meeting held, not just for a successful one.

Errors / requests:

* The research system for companies / characters has been disabled.
* The game ends on January 1st, 1949.
* Switching to the character window by clicking on an unpaid loan is again possible.
* When returning from the lobbying window, players are now correctly moved to the law screen of the chamber from which the lobbying window was opened.
* Fixed a bug that made it impossible to lobby for the governor.
* Fixed a bug that made it impossible to take a loan from characters in separate windows after a save load.
* Fixed a bug that caused the characters Renown storyboard to be reset during a save load.
* Fixed bug. as a result of which the "Assets" tab of friends / puppets / assistants was not unlocked after increasing loyalty before updating the window.
* Corrections of texts in the English version of the game.
* Some adjustments to the stamps in the loan window.

Being worked on:

* Construction of new workplaces rework
* Rebalancing the auction items
* Rebalancing and reworking of some agents
* Shareholders voting rework
* Officials elections
* New laws
* AI companies
* The new player resource bar
* Stock exchange

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