The political update is now available in beta for macOS and Linux!


Game-Breaking bugs:

* Fixed crash of the game when using the agent "Cardinal" in some cases
* Fixed crash in the elections
* Fixed crash when choosing ambition cards
* Fixed crash when using a Saboteur against a bankrupt company.
* Fixed crash of the game when clicking on "Connections" if the player generated the age of 75 years.
* Fixed crash when loading a save with a lobbyist applied to Congress.
* Fixed crash of the game if the player was at the table of lobbying politicians and the law was moved to another chamber for consideration
* Fixed crash when the influence check at the Senate level was unsuccessful.
* Acceleration of loading saves compared to version 194.0

Exploits and balancing:

* Skills "Etiquette", "Evaluation" have been rebalanced.
* Interest on loan ambitions has been reduced.
* Reduced penalties / bonuses for the difference in skills.
* Reduced the profitability of transport companies.
* The step of increasing the cost of researching companies / characters has been reduced.

Minor bugs/complaints:

* When exploring a company, you no longer move to the company screen.
* Now the button for taking a loan is correctly blocked if the character is in another state.
* Fixed a bug that caused players to go bankrupt when trying to buy shares with money received in the form of a loan.
* Fixed a bug due to which the required "Influence" for researching a character / company decreased when saving and loading.
* Fixed some translation errors in the English version of the game.

Being worked on:

* Officials elections
* More laws
* Voting rework
* Unlocking management cards in statistics at < 50% + 1 share
* Stock market
* Companies AI
* New status bar

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