Patch 0.194.15 is available in beta branch now!


Game-Breaking bugs:

* Fixed crash when the bot goes bankrupt

Vulnerabilities and balancing:

* Economy rebalancing
* Agents rebalancing
* Maximum interest on loans has been reduced
* The frequency of shareholders voting and offers to buy shares has been reduced
* Courtesan agent now nullifies characters "Influence", "Diplomacy" and "Economics" for the next negotiations
* Bandit agent now plunder characters or companies, giving you some of the loot

Errors / requests:

* Assistants can no longer bring a bill to a vote if such a bill is not supported by their party
* Political achievements have been reworked
* Now, if an error occurs during saving due to insufficient disk space, an error message is displayed. This save can no longer be used
* Fixed a bug that caused receiving "Technoboom" achievement without a controlling stake in the company
* When lobbying, money is correctly transferred to the politician now
* Fixed a bug due to which the loyalty lost during negotiations was displayed incorrectly
* Fixed a bug where the enemy could come to the player with an offer to buy shares
* Fixed a bug where the wrong step for loyalty and reputation of characters was set in the filters for characters
* Fixed display of development in companies' technologies
* Corrections of texts in the English version of the game


* Shareholders voting has been reworked
* Workplaces construction in companies has been reworked
* Now players can put questions from company statistics to a vote without having a controlling stake

Being worked on:

* Rebalancing of auction items
* Election of officials
* Automatic elections
* New laws
* AI companies
* New player resource bar
* Stock exchange

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