Every action has a reaction: the killer 'n' guard's gameplay

Greetings, friends!

Today, we feel like sharing with you some game development news that's bringing to an end. As you know, we've already been working on the one for 2 years, and we do wanna bring it to the world:)

We don't rush to show you the game's footages, which neither you nor we will like, because we feel responsibility towards our fans and the product. Put another way, it'll be impossible to size up game thoughts if the frontend doesn't show all the backend stuff, crashes happen every 15 mins or you don't get how to play it.

As you might have already guessed, that's essential for us to get any feedback from you in order to find out your book about the game stuff. So sometimes, we're trying to make an update for the community.

Well, here we go. When diplomacy doesn't work, then desperate measures are used. One such measure is the killer who ends a character by order of a player.
When can you use the killer correctly? There are the following game mechanics: your opponents will be able to blow up pipelines, dump the market, arrange different strikes in companies and so on. As a result, you'll be losing your money and won't be able to achieve the goal of becoming the most powerful tycoon!

You've a choice: make relationships with your opponents by giving gifts, arranging parties, helping to reach their ambition and over or to act brutally by ending 'em, taking over the market.

You'll be able to "get rid" of politicians who refuse to vote for the necessary law, remove officials from their posts by eliminating the sponsors.

Assassination attempt is a way of threat.
Imagine a game situation: you won all your opponents in the domestic market then you're gonna expand the influence on international markets. You wanted to lobby the law of increasing import duties in order to achieve financial powerful.

In this way, you'll be able to go up prices and get extra income avoiding of competitive with international company-opponents.
Suddenly, some influential politician refused to give his voice to support the necessary law. You was trying to use the agent "Diplomat", "Lobbyist", spying though "Detective" or even arranging the meeting, offering the party funding but all these methods turned out useless…. So, you decided to get the goal by ambushing the house that was purchased in Philadelphia…
The success of the killer depends on his level: the more the killer's level, the more the chance to destroy a target. If a target has own bodyguard, you'll have less chance to sort out your problem. The more the bodyguard's level, the more reliable a character's safety.

If the killer does his job, he may be caught by the police hence your rep will go down (we mentioned that early). You can learn more here:
If the killer is fail, politicians will be scared, and it'll be pretty hard for you in order to lobby the necessary law or a corrupt plan.

Defense from assassination attempt.
There may be a different situation in-game. For instance, a character decided to "get rid" of you or your agent. The consequences may be different: you can lose the necessary way of pressure on the game world or even your character can kick the bucket. If your character is dead, the heirs will take your wealth, if they are…(we'll be implementing the clans as soon as the early access comes out on Steam).

So, you should hire a bodyguard to prevent bad consequences. You gotta pay him constantly to feel safe. It's up to you: pay him or safe your money.
This functionality has already been implemented. Also, there are a few agents (5-6) that'll be impacting the game world (they'll most likely be add into the alpha).
If you're interested in 'em, let us know about that. Or you'd like to not find out about all the game highlights? At any rate, let us know if there's some doubt.

Stay tuned and follow the game development.
You can get in touch with us via email news@plutocracygame.com or discord https://discord.gg/3vPyAX8

Now, we're bringing to an end of the alpha. Unfortunately, we pulled off the alpha/early release due to reasons you know.

We're a small indie studio that decided to take up the serious project, and we've been working on it for 2 years. We never give up! We'll finish one! So, if you don't get some news, it doesn't' mean we abandoned the project. We're spending our energy in order to release the alpha as soon as possible.
Besides, we're gonna launch the Workshop that you can give a hand to make the game balance or implement some mods.

Huge thanks to everyone who supports us!

Best regards,
Redwood games team
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