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Hello everyone!

It's been a while since the last diary, sorry about that, we just wanted to wait until we had something new and interesting to share with you, which we finally do! Here's what we've worked on in the last month and what's in the next update, which is not far off.

We've seen frequent requests to optimize the game ever since launch and we've spent a lot of time doing so. Now it's faster and more stable than ever before. This will allow us to add more content without fear that at some point the game will become overloaded. Although all this work on optimization has sacrificed time for new content we feel that it was more important as a strong foundation for the future.
There's a new window that will be added to the company screen, "Finances", which has been a very requested feature for a long time. It's a detailed financial summary of the company, where you can study your income and expenses and will help you understand what could be improved upon to reduce production costs and increase the profitability of your company.

This window will also let you see information about your competitors, their market share, and the inner workings of their company.

We thought that simply increasing the level of technology all the time was too boring so we have substantially redesigned the research system in the game. Now the shareholders themselves will choose what technology the CEO will develop. Each quarter a vote will be held to decide which tech to develop further.
Industry leaders in any tech will receive bonuses while those lagging behind will have to constantly try to catch up with them or carry out mergers in order to achieve success.
We've finished working on most of the macroeconomics as well, it will become much more interesting to play with. The macroeconomic policies of the state will directly affect your company. Of course, you will be able to manipulate this, both in future updates, by passing laws, and in the coming update, when a new feature will be added to the game: Patronage.

A patronage is a form of charity, but who said that charity had to be selfless? You can build buildings to increase your influence and with it the macroeconomic policies of the state.

We have prepared several artworks so you can appreciate these beautiful buildings :)
Of course, this is an incomplete list of buildings that will be present in the game.

I'd also like to mention that we heard the prayers for better AI and while we're not working on it now we can promise you it's something we'll do in the future.

Perhaps the most awaited feature is the introduction of the political system into the game. Unfortunately, we don't have time to finish it before the release this coming update, but we have done quite a lot of work on it and we can say that the politics is almost ready for release in the coming months.

As for the next update, we hope that we can release it in the first half of May. We've got a few important things to fix before that though however.

Anyway that's all for now, thanks for sticking with us and we'll see you soon!

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