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Hello everyone!

Two weeks went too fast and now it's time to tell you about the new things we've worked on for you during this time.

You will soon be able to upgrade technologies. All technologies now have their own level. Every time a company develops or introduces a higher level of technology than the other companies in that state has the penalty for having a lower level of technology increases. To counter this you can spend company funds on developing better technology.
We're also introducing a new technology "Innovation" which will replace the "Social Program" tech from the past versions. Better innovation will allow you to develop technologies cheaper.

After future updates with the formation of a trust or a merger the companies will share technologies with each other. Whichever company has the highest level technology will give that to the other companies.

The new option of "Research level" will boost the speed of research while costing more, it might even have some other associated costs such as having to improve "Accident Security" because of experiments going wrong or similar stuff.

There is a new "Staff turnover" statistic. The lower the turnover the more workers keep their jobs, it makes the production process more stable and increases the production over time. You can change the turnover with the new options "Wage level" and "Work-plan". Happy workers, happy customers.

The "Financial Shark'' difficulty has also gotten some changes. Good deals are not as easy to come by as before and the usual ways of doing business that you are accompanied to will not work as well as before.

As always we would like your feedback on how to further improve balancing and difficulty, we really value your feedback a lot.

Of course, we've also worked on the stability of the game and we were able to get rid of several crashes and fix some bugs that could cause you inconvenience.

The release of the update is already very close, and in the coming days, we will work on testing it to save you from possible surprises like bugs and crashes.

After 2 weeks we will come back to you with a new diary. Bye and see you soon!

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