Dev Diaries. New year - more work

Hello fellow Plutocrats!

Recently we've been thinking about how we could improve our own interaction with you guys. We think dev diaries would be a good start.

So, what have we done lately and what will we do in the future?
Mainly we will work on introducing the political system into the game.

One of the key aspects of Plutocracy is influence, what's more influential than having a powerful grip on politics? We want to add an entirely new dimension to the game with politics.
In any case, that's a topic for another day, we will tell you more about the political system later.

We've also got some good news for Linux users! The game will support both SteamOS and Ubuntu in the next update. And of course, Mac support is also coming, however, that will be later this year.

There's also a lot of small, but important stuff. We've looked at your suggestions and taken them into account. Mostly we've worked on the balancing. Transport companies are less overpowered, we've made changes to the expenses and income as it was very unrealistic.

You can also give loans now. A character who wants to get a loan may ask you for money and if you accept you will receive a quarterly income based on the amount of debt. If they don't pay, you can use the new agent, the Collector. Doesn't he look friendly?
Another important thing is the unemployment rate and its relation to the average salary. When hiring workers, you now lower the unemployment and the average salary increases. Unemployment also grows with time as the population grows which makes the average salary lower.

This should also fix the issue of unlimited workers because your expenses will grow too much after a more ridiculous amount of workers.

And of course we continue to fix the seemingly endless amount of bugs, both big and small.

Very soon we'll release an update with most of what we've talked about here, we also plan to release dev diaries every two weeks or so to keep you updated on our work. See you all then!

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