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How it all begin. Day 3.
How does the idea realize in the gameplay?
In the game, the player has a small capital to invest. The playing field of action is the historical map of the United States. We have recreated the state boards and date of their entries into the USA in the 19-20 centuries. So, what about the gameplay?
Moving on the map you should find the most profitable companies to buy out the controlling stake. You first goal is to capture at least one company quicker than your rival. The game suggests you several development strategies. Every decision to make provides an opportunity for growth. But in the same time every single tactic has its advantages as well as disadvantages. Calculate the possible options and make the right move.
The next goal is to build a monopoly after you made a fortune. You should capture the competing companies through merges and acquisitions, take the major market share and dictate the terms. Your weapon is money, influence and business reputation. What it will be is up to you.
If you want the monopoly flourish and give more money you have to lobby politicians and to push the bills. We are developing the most accurate simulation of the adoption of the laws in the political system. You can be an honest businessman and count on entrepreneurial gift. Or you can recruit and corrupt the politicians to buying the votes to increase chances to victory. In addition, the laws will help you get extra value from your monopoly as well as to attack the competitors' monopolies. You may block the activity of rivals' holdings, to lower the market share's prices, to put a spoke in competitors' wheel.
The laws are signed by the President. It is the last instance to overcome. Will the president approve bill is favorable to you? Or not? What if the President is loyal to your competitor? If it's true, you are in the bad shape. Don't let this happen! Nothing should stand in your way to total control.
In gameplay we want to show that behind the economic, political and other social institutions are always the people with their desires, fears and interests. The several thousand characters generates with unique appearance and personality in our game. The player interacts with the real characters and not with an impersonal government machine. That's why the crucial point of success is diplomacy and ability to put pressure on opponents using levers of influence as well as a financial ability. So, starting with the small businessman, the player passes the path of becoming the influential business tycoon.
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