Development blog of the Plutocracy game
How it all begin. Day 1.
Greetings, strategy fan, in our development blog for the game «Plutocracy». We've been working on this project quite a long time. The idea originated about one and a half years ago.

The game process is pre-beta right now. So, we've decided to start diary where we will let you know what challenges are encountered in developing. We will give an interview with the team as well feedback from games' beta-testers.

We will post game features, new trailers, screenshots and so on, and so on here. You can always ask the question: Why something looks or acts this way? And we'll glad to answer. Or even we'll accept your suggestion if it will be interesting to realize in the game.
What the game is?
This is the turn-based 2D strategy. It simulates economic and political U.S. systems of the first billionaire's era starting since 1870, which is called Gilded Age.

We pay special attention to gameplay. We are hard working on the balance of economic indicators, the laws, political decisions affecting on profitability. We're creating an environment for multiple strategies which can be applied to achieve the goals.

The «Plutocracy» is not only economic political simulator as well as the strategy game of the secret running a country and nation by powerful clans.

In it player will strive to achieve the control for crucial country resources for create the monopoly conquered the market share. And then you can determine the economy and the welfare of the whole industry or even the whole country. Because of that you will be able to influence politicians and their decisions. No one should stand in your way to power….

Stay tuned and see ya in the next post.

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