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How it all begin. Day 2.
We called the game «Plutocracy» and choose Gilded Age
First of all, that's just interesting. We have been thinking what if we will become powerful and wealthy, then what decisions we made. Could we have made the world better? This idea is excited us. That's why we would like to provide an opportunity for the players to be a strong powerful and wealthy person.
Secondly, Gilded Age spawned social formation which is called plutocracy. The first billionaires appeared in the era of the Gilded age those controlled the main resources of the country. The economy of the whole country depends on their enterprises. Frankly speaking, it undermines the basis of the idea of democracy because the wealthiest citizens ruled and controlled society under such regime.
(Greek: πλοῦτος, ploutos, 'wealth' + κράτος, kratos, 'rule') or plutarchy, is a form of oligarchy and defines a society ruled or controlled by the small minority of the wealthiest citizens.
The US political system has built on democratic principles laid in the basis of government. But is it really? The coin always has other side. Driven by this idea we try to implement it in the gameplay.

In «Plutocracy» the player will be involved in the "Big game" of the rich and powerful. He should go the path through from the businessman to the secret ruler seeking to build his financial Empire, using various strategies, wealth, political influence, resorting to blackmail, corruption, lobbying politicians and laws to dominate and suppress his competitors.

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