Happy Halloween, mine sweetest plutocrats!
Development blog. Day 4.
It has no mercy for people
All evil spirits come out on the All Saints' Eve scaring and frightening living people, threatening eternal suffering. In this day the blood freezing terror is faced with devs. It causes the most terrible fear - the fear of unfinished game. It becomes the scariest form of deadlines, bugs,creative crisis, unpaid electricity bill. But we're still getting down to code wasteland together believing to we make a good game. We have made the announcement in game press recently. The game idea, trailer and features list were as a pitch. Fortunately to us, someone interested in it. You can watch posts
here https://www.gamingnexus.com/News/40160/Dust-off-yo...
here http://www.yetanotherreviewsite.co.uk/2017/10/25/p...
here http://www.gogofreegames.com/plutocracy-sign-beta
and here https://www.gamingonlinux.com/articles/plutocracy-....
In addition we don't waste our time and have done redesign. And now it will looks like this.
Also we're going on to develop the functionality. Today's agenda is economy of enterprises and management. The gamedesigner has set tasks to programmers: how should companies are operating in the market, what will affect on companies productivity and GDP, dependence of the ups and downs of the stock market situation and etc.
Work is work, but we have not forgotten having fun and paying tribute to Halloween - have smashed some undeads headshots in L4D2. No mercy, b*ches! The development is continuing and the next step will be a new trailer with gameplay. Stay tuned and happy Halloween!
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