After lull

Hello, friends and everyone who cares about the game!

It has been more than 2 months of the development and you still have not got any updates. Actually, we feel like fixing it!

First of all, on behalf of all the devs, I want to calm everyone who cares about the game release – the development is going ahead and does not even stop on weekends, it really tires us out!

We needed to get our thoughts together and immerse ourselves in the game development at 100%; as a result, there was a delay in updates. We would not like to say one thing and do another one!

What's new? and what kind of troubles have we run up against?

part 1
Economical model
We originally planned to end the game economics and release a new build by May 15. Then the early access would be available on Steam.

Unfortunately, a completed build did not make us happy. Frankly, the game was more playable in my head than it actually was.

I think the reason for that is so that we had lots of economic formulas, indicators, and so on – something around 35 ones –, that the player needed to manage! We really were out of line, guys…it was not clear, difficult for us and the gameplay in general.

As a result, we were upset because we wanted to make the game rather than an accountant simulator… Eventually, we decided to remake the economic model of the game!

We did not want to drop any updates, news about the release dates in mid-May because we did not understand how much time we needed to remake the economic model.

Actually, we were able to make a new economic model and practically implement it in the game. We really hope it will be a good one to show you.

By the way, it is the 10th version of the economic model for over 2 years of the development!
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