The alpha version official date is coming December 22

Breaking news, future plutocrats!

We are delighted to tell you that the alpha date is defined at last before the early access release on Steam! As mentioned before, that's going to happen on December 22 i.e. on Christmas Eve.

We're going to send one to all the backers who backed us on IndieGoGo by purchasing a special reward that covered the opportunity of being the alpha tester.

Besides, the alpha testers will be getting all the next updates automatically since it's going to be the Steam version code.

Attention! Also, we feel like running a giveaway on December 22 in order to give 2 free alpha keys: 1 alpha key will be given away randomly among those who give a thumbs up or leave a comment 'I want to be a Plutocracy alpha tester' for this news, the next one will be given away among the Discord community who leave a comment like that.

We have great moderators so we want everyone being friendly in the chat.

On December 3 an alpha test thread will be created on the Discord community where's going to invite the alpha testers.

According to your feedback, the devs team will be fixing some bugs or something like that and forth the early access will be released on Steam.
When's going to happen?
As mentioned earlier, the alpha test will be run a month before the early access release on Steam

Seeing the end of the year and some Steam verifications, the most appropriate date for the early access release is February 7. As for the price, the early access price is $24.99, the full release price is $29.99.

When the early access is available on Steam, we're going to drop the keys to everyone who backed us on IndieGoGo or pre-order Plutocracy. You can pre-order Plutocracy now for $14.99 if you haven't made it yet through IndieGoGo by clicking the button below.
To sum up, we want to thank everyone who leaves comments and feedback! Stay with us and stay tuned! There is not much time left before secret manipulations and political intrigues will be available to the gaming community!
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