Mass media role in the game
Hi, friends!

It's time to talk about the game way more.
First and foremost we'd like to thank the first backers one more time who supported us and gave confidence that the game "Plutocracy", we're working on, is interesting and unusual.

Today, we'd like to talk about an essential part of our game that stands it out from games a similar genre, that's mass media.

So, the mass media have always had hidden power that can the broad masses of a population make to think "in the right direction". We do wanted to show it in our game in full. That's why we're making plently of an interesting gameplay for the media in "Plutocracy".

First of all, you'll able to buy the necessary newspaper or magazine yourself to fill out your influence to local politicans and exert the necessary pressure through the masses of a population or put forward interests of your companies.

Do you have dirt on an unwanted governor with whom you cannot get an agreement? Use the media under your control to blow the whistle on him by creating a public resonance and just see how it'll destroy his reputation and lead to resignation ...

Is the chief of police sluggishly looking into a case against your direct competitors? Send "the news" to your editor and he'll make his life a hell by raising the question you need for general discussion.

Bring down the stock market to decrease the opponent's shares and then immediately buy them up.

Your opportunities will be limited only by your subtle imagination ...

When your level of influence grows to the scale of the country and the political system, you'll able to get the neccessary laws by manipulating the consciousness of the masses of a population to put the people pros and cons the laws.

Of couse, you can choose the other way by lobbying of politicans via the media under your control. Believe me, they'll get much more compliant!

Who owns the information, owns the world...
Let everyone get who's your "big boss" by encouraging or punishing the actions of the people you need even if that's a famous congressman or president.

Having got a monopoly on YOUR opinion, you'll able to secretly manipulate international relations pumping passion with those countries where you need to arrange a conflict and take advantage of it.

The media is a mouthpiece of your desires in "Plutocracy". Learn to use them competently and you'll able to get much more than without them.

Therefore, we give a wide range of using media in the game: from putting forward one's influence, destroying competitors and politicians to the manipulating the opinion of the people.

We're trying to make that a player always has a choice, you'll able to develop in different paths and achieve the goals not by pattern. Our main goal is to provide the player with a wide range of opportunities so that he can play tens and hundreds of hours and find new ideas and combinations.

P.s. The game journalists are just starting to pay attention to our game 'cause we're just an indie studio, not capitalists, and we cannot affect them he way we can make it in the game:)

But if you like the idea of our game and you wanna help us make one, then together we'll able to get they start writing about our game. You can support us on IndieGoGo, share the page or an interesting article.

Don't forget to leave comments, we're happy to read everything and reply to everyone.

Wait for new updates, friends!
We humbly thank everyone of you who believes and supports our project.
That's important for us.

Team Redwood Games.

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