The game's characters system
Development blog. Day 6.
If you want to reach the success in Plutocracy, you should negotiate with the characters. We've paid attention to the fact that as much as possible to bring the gameplay negotiations to real. The game has more over 15 K unique characters that have different personalities and features. Each character has self confidence, the ability to convince and use counter arguments that are limited by patience.
It's all about the real life. The better you prepare for discussion and examine your opponent's desires, interests, preferences, weak points, the higher chance of success will be. Use your knowledge as leverage. In addition, the characters can make a business with each other!
Just imagine the game world consisting of 15 thousands active persons those buying shares, promote own interests, trying to make their life better.
You immerse in the living world with its own rules and principles. You can suggest a friendship or declare an enmity to any of characters. But be careful: your enemies can join with each other in a conspiracy against you.
AI model
We do count that one, two or even three enemies is too boring and too simple. That's why enemies have no limit in Plutocracy!
The agents of influence, bankers, politicians... thousands generated characters those have their own lines of conduct.
Each citizen has his own mind and behavior. He calculates his action to one step ahead. Besides, each character are bound by the threads of good or bad contacts.

If you improve your relations with some businessman having friends in Congress, then your relations with these congressmen can become much easier opening new opportunities in the future.

But in the other hand, if you're fed up with some influential plutocrat, you would risk to unleash a financial war with him and his powerful friends.

In Plutocracy, you can high feel like a great grandmaster playing its unique multi-way combination on the world political and economic arena!
Thank you for reading and see ya soon ! :)
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