Update 0.193.0 is available now!


Game-Breaking bugs:

* Some game crashes that occurred in previous versions / FIXED

Exploits and balancing:

* Rebalancing character loyalty
* Rebalancing the influence of characters
* Rebalancing the economy
* Skills "Laws", "Criminalistics", "Etiquette" reworked

Minor bugs/complaints:

* Now when you are changing company parameters, there are hints if the action is blocked
* The arrows in the company statistics window now more accurately reflect what brings the company a profit and what is a loss
* Companies in which the strikes took place have now received a portion of the profits for the activities before the strikes.


* New character avatars and more customization
* Influence reworked. It is now spent on various actions and restored at the beginning of each quarter
* Visual overhaul of the loyalty
* Added character reputation
* Choosing a reward for fulfilling a character's ambition
* New types of companies - Mining and Metallurgical
* When you hover over the ambition icon, you can now find out exactly what the character wants without revealing ambition
* Unique trait - Selective - Characters with this trait will refuse to meet with you if your Reputation is lower than theirs.
* Game performance improvements

Being worked on:

* Political system
* Maintenance rework
* Assistants
* Voting rework

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