Update 0.192.5 is available now!


Game-Breaking bugs:
* Crash when M&A / Fixed
* Crash when changing quarter / Fixed
* Crash when double-clicking exit in negotiations / Fixed

Exploits and balancing:

* Now you can not lose more than $10M in the events "Train Delay", "Bandit Attack"
* Dividends of companies at the start of the game now depend on the selected difficulty level

Serious bugs:

* Incorrect calculation of income from loans / Fixed
* Selling items of other characters / Fixed
* An error with the movement of the character, which led to the inability to continue the game / Fixed
* Incorrect work of ambitions to sell items / Fixed

Minor bugs/complaints:

* Loyalty for fulfilling the "Campaign Financing" ambition was not calculated correctly / Fixed
* Some errors in layout / Fixed
* Display errors with a large number of shareholders in companies / Fixed
* Cars did not appear after 1900 / Fixed
* The menu in the game does not close according to ESC if the player has entered one of the submenus / Fixed

Being worked on:

* Political system
* Characters being able to support or oppose the player
* Negotiations with CEO
* Rework of voting
* Negotiation redesign
* New types of companies

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