Update 0.192.0 is available now!


Game-Breaking bugs:

* Various rare crashes / Fixed

Exploits and balancing:

* Economy rebalancing
* Influence rebalancing
* Mergers can now only be held in the same state

Serious bugs:

* During a merger, company loans were debited from the accounts / Fixed
* Error with prices when selling items through ambition / Fixed
* Error with items price on auction / Fixed

Minor bugs/complaints:

* Errors in map filters / Fixed
* Other minor bugs / Fixed
* Menu buttons are now locked until the menu is fully loaded
* Character finance window improvements


* Patronage system
* Macro indicators of state economics
* Reworked technologies in companies
* Two new states - Ohio and Pennsylvania
* Game performance optimizations
* Influence can now only be earned by collecting items, financing election campaigns, and patronage
* New filters in Character rating
* The "Rating" window has moved, now it is in the "Characters" tab (the former "Agents" tab)
* Finance window in company statistics
* The skill "Trade" has been reworked
* The company statistics tab now displays the demand for the goods that the company produces (replacing the Experience card)
* Minor rework of voting, new votings in companies
* Added Chinese localization (partially, readiness ~ 80%)

Being worked on:

* Political system
* Characters being able to support or oppose the player
* Negotiations with CEO
* Rework of voting
* Negotiation redesign
* New types of companies

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