Update 0.190.0 is available now!


Game-Breaking bugs:

* Some more rare crashes / Fixed

Exploits and balancing:

* Too large penalties for accidents / Fixed
* Reduced the likelihood of an accident
* Company profitability adjustments

Serious bugs:

* Loyalty of other owners was not reset when selling the company / Fixed
* Movement of the workforce between companies / Fixed

Minor bugs/complaints:

* Many minor bugs / Fixed
* Some issues with technologies / Fixed


* MacOS 13+ support
* Mergers & Acquisitions

With the introduction of mergers and acquisitions, you will be able to buy your competitors and combine their companies with yours, truly establishing a monopoly in the markets and increasing your technological and production potential!

Of course, the shareholders of both companies will have to approve this decision by a majority vote, and will also receive proportional shares in the new company (in the event of a merger). Or you can try to take over the company, and then other shareholders will not receive a share in the new company.

* More customization for characters and their characteristics

Now you can choose in which state your character lives, the most suitable personality traits and choose a more suitable appearance in more detail using the new advanced character creator.

Being worked on:

* Political system
* Characters being able to support or oppose the player
* More difficulty options
* New votings, changes in voting
* Board of Directors

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