System of investigation, justice and punishments in Plutocracy

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In the game of big capital, there are temptations get even more capital by using dishonest and dirty ways. That is why punishments are being used as the system of checks and balance. Police chief, district attorney, judge are responsible for investigation of crimes and imposing punishments.

Where are we getting the thoughts for this gameplay?

Likely, someone was reading Theodore Dreiser's "Trilogy of Desire" especially the first part of one is "The Financier". We won't hide that we've read this book series more than once, and many moments are represented in the game from there.Some situations are borrowed from real billionaires and officials of different ranks.

At the same time, we'd been studying the American justice system for a long time as well as consulting with experienced lawyers about how everything is arranged. Therefore, you can be sure we tried to bring as close to reality all the ordeals for a player.

How is everything arranged?

As you may have already guessed, we gave emphasis to the causal link between corruption and the lobby with big capital. Undoubtedly, this "springboard" can lead the player to additional ordeals in the form of the US justice system that he can also try to corrupt. :)

Let's imagine a typical situation in the game: You came up with an idea that it'd be nice to get a loan with with minimum interest through the state treasurer. Because banks set high interest rates on the loan but you extremely need money to discover a new field...Thus, you took a decision to make useful relationships with the state treasurer by using a rout where you offer him a great reward for upcoming scam. All in a prize. You got "cheap" money, and now you can get around competitors by right putting the money into the business.
The competitors set about blowing the whistle on you the chief police. He's been suspecting you of dirty deeds for a long time...The cops started surveilling you! Then the judge issued an arrest warrant by suspicion of financial fraud with the treasury. There are two ways to solve that issue: to bail out or stay behind bars while waiting for the day of judgment. Having made a false step, you'll lose your money and time.
You may get behind bars for cartel collusion or for the violence of competitors. If the player get behind bars, he'll lose plenty of opportunities: he won't able to meet with someone, make deals, etc. It brings back a real life:). Therefore, the player should use his influence to get rid of some punishment. Put it another way, his empire can be pulled apart by other hungry "predators" while he's serving time for.

What are your actions?

Make more useful relationships among judges, district attorneys and politicians who you count on at the right time. If you pay too much attention to the economy forgetting about your connections, you'll get some damage your reputation, influence, relationships and so on. Finally, there are "fake things" against the player where competitors and enemies will be trying to fabricate evidence against you.

In the game, the player has a choice: either act honestly and carefully or use some manipulative tactics. Each strategy has its pros and cons. You don't have to worry about punishment if you play within the law and don't make enemies. On the hand, you can risk and get game resources faster, corrupt officials to use them when you need or do all the dirty deeds by someone else's hands. It's up to you how to achieve financial power!

That's all, guys! We talked about the system of investigation, justice and punishments. What do you feel about that? Leave your comments on the campaign page.

Thanks for your attention:) Stay with us.
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