In «Plutocracy» you immerse into the 1870 America's Gilded Age - the era of the first billionaires. You start from the bottom and become the shadow ruler of the world. You seek the profitable companies and negotiate with shareholders to buy out the controlling stake and put your own people at the helm. Absorb your competitors' companies and dominate the market gaining excessive profit.

Be ready to lobby politicians and laws to expand your influence. Corrupt officials creating barriers and intrigues against enemies. There are decades of history in front of you which you will be able to influence. You can create the most powerful financial empire. No one should know who really rules the world!

The game supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS. Release date - Q1 2018
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Game features
Historical map
1870 America - the era of a gilded age of the USA. It was the birth of great corporation and monopolies that conquered the world. The time of the first billionaires who rewrote the history. Now you can start from the bottom and become the shadow ruler of the world!
Various types of enterprises
There are many types of the companies you can find in the game such as oil, transport, financial and others. The company functioning depends on the demand and supply in the market as well as the activities of other companies. Explore the market and basic financial indicators to seek the profitable companies.
Buying shares
This is the list of all shareholders of the company and a brief summary of the company. Each shareholder has its influence. If you're not powerful enough, you will not be able to arrange a meeting. Each shareholder gives you the chance of success in the negotiations. It depends on his or her personal characteristics. Score influence points, use tricks to negotiate and buy out the controlling stake quicker than a rival.
The crucial point of success is the ability to diplomacy. After you had chosen the company and arranged the meeting with a shareholder, you may start a dialogue. Depending on the chosen strategy of negotiating a shareholder will answer you. Tilt the scales in your favor, using the skills and talents.
Build your monopoly
Collect controlling stakes of the companies, unite them in trusts, holdings or monopolies to capture the market share and gain extra profit.
Historical facts and events
This notification will show up every time when there goes on something bad or good with you and when the historical events will happen.They will affect the economy, politics and the property. For instance, the First and Second World Wars and other military conflicts as well as various business proposals. Will you accept the offer on charity or not? Your train has broken. Will you wait for the repair or will you hire another transport? There are dozens events in the game all of which have two options. Each choice gives you something bad and good. So, it's up to you.
Corrupt the politicians and lobby the laws
You can decide to finance an election campaign politicians or give bribes to promote your own interests. Politicians will help you push the bills which will favorably affect on your economy as well as to impair the economy of your competitors.
Win the auction
You'll be winning luxury items and pieces of artistry at the auction: the respectable mansions, vehicles, antiques, collectibles and other valuable items. Gathering collections, you will be able to achieve necessary alliances and gain trust allies. Your reputation will increase. But be careful! Do not invest in anything that cannot increase in price.
Influence agents
Join unions, find unique friends – it's your agents of influence. In a hard moment they will dig up dirt, eliminate the character you want and open the doors for you in the world of power and endless possibilities. For instance, using a journalist you can cause a panic on the stock exchange and provoke a fall in the shares of competitors' company. Or hire a private detective to dig some dirt up on the unwanted politicians.
Play with your friends online. Determine who of you is best suited for the role of billionaire. You may choose your own goal for the win. Find yourself in the global ranking table of players.
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