Political update is available in the main branch now!

Friends, since the release of the political update to the beta branch we have been constantly improving the game, fixing bugs and working on the balance.

At the moment, we are happy to announce that we are ready to release a political update to the main branch. We will add even more various laws, elections of officials, and other attributes of the political part of the game soon.

We still look forward to your feedback and welcome your feedback on Steam, as well as on the game's Discord server: https://discord.gg/PdGQQq5

Together we can make Plutocracy better!

For those who did not participate in beta testing, we attach a list of changes regarding version 193.0:


* Added all US states
* Assistants
* Labor exchange
* Parliamentary elections
* Election results
* Primary laws (taxes, labor, antitrust)
* Lobbying laws
* New agent - Lobbyist
* New shareholders voting
* Construction of jobs in companies has been reworked
* Players can now vote on questions without having a controlling stake
* New character features - Renown and Political Potential
* Added "Autosave frequency" to the settings menu
* Mail rework

Vulnerabilities and balancing:

* Rebalancing loyalty
* Rebalancing influence
* Rebalancing the economy
* Rebalancing agents
* Skills "Lobbying", "Finance" have been reworked
* Skill "Investments" has been removed
* Skill "Personnel" has been added.
* Skills "Bookkeeping", "Grants", "Etiquette", "Evaluation", "Trade" have been rebalanced.
* The frequency of voting by shareholders and proposals to buy shares has been reduced
* "Courtesan" now resets "Influence", "Diplomacy" and "Economy" characters for the next negotiations
* "Bandit" now robs characters or companies, giving you part of the loot
* Rebalancing the "Maintenance" for the player
* Interest on loans in ambition has been reduced.
* Penalties / bonuses for skill differences have been reduced.

Being worked on:

* Rebalancing of auction items
* Election of officials
* Automatic elections
* New laws
* AI companies
* New player resource panel
* Stock exchange

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