The political update is already available in beta!

Friends, we invite you to take part in testing the political update. As promised, now you can personally test the new functionality that our team has been working on in recent months!

With the new update, the game takes on new facets!

Now the public, represented by politicians at the federal and local levels, will oppose you, putting a spoke in the wheel with antitrust laws, restrictions on the inhuman use of your workers' labor, and of course, raising taxes! Only a true plutocrat will find a way to put pressure on power and make his monopoly above all laws! At the start of the beta version, more than 10 laws are already available.

Go for it!

For those who do not want to waste their nerves, fighting not only with the authorities in the game but also with bugs that will be encountered in the beta version - please wait for the stable build, which is planned to be released within a few weeks after the start of the beta test. With the help of an active part of our community, we plan to finalize new mechanics, as well as fix the current shortcomings.


* All USA states
* Assistants
* Labor exchange
* Parliamentary elections
* Laws
* Laws lobbying
* New agent - Lobbyist
* New resources - Renown and Political potential


Game-Breaking bugs:

* Some game crashes that occurred in previous versions / FIXED
* Some bugs from previous versions / FIXED

Exploits and balancing:

* Rebalancing character loyalty
* Rebalancing character influence
* Rebalancing the economy
* Skills "Lobby", "Finances" have been reworked.
* Skill "Investments" has been deleted.
* Skill "Personnel" has been added.
* Skills "Bookkeeping", "Grants" have been rebalanced.
* "Detective" agent now requires x10 money from the influence of the target for the task.
* Maintenance rebalanced

Minor bugs/complaints:

* "Autosave frequency" has been added to the game settings.
* Mail rework
* Loans changes

Being worked on:

* Officials elections
* More laws
* Voting rework
* Unlocking management cards in statistics at < 50% + 1 share
* Stock market
* Companies AI
* New status bar

We are waiting for your feedback and suggestions, including on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/PdGQQq5

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