Patch 0.201.0 is available in main branch now!


* Trusts


Game-Breaking bugs:

* Fixed crash with assistants in some cases
* Fixed crash when lobbying a governor

Vulnerabilities and balancing:

* Auction items have been rebalanced
* Courtesan and Cardinal costs have been reduced
* Now, to carry out a merger / acquisition, you need to get at least 75% of the votes "FOR".

Bugs / complains:

* Workplaces are now destroyed in accidents.
* After fulfilling the ambition of a friend, 3 agent cards are given to choose from now
* The status bars in the M&A window have been fixed
* Fixed a bug when skill points were not awarded after meeting the conditions for some political achievements
* Fixed a bug when characters with "Selective" trait were not allowed to meet with insufficient player reputation, even if they were puppets
* Fixed a bug when calculating the Detective's chance of success didn't work right
* Fixed a bug when the Journalist agent did not take away the entire reputation of compromised characters
* Fixed a bug when the buttons in elections were not blocked properly
* Fixed a bug when cards in elections were not unlocked properly in some cases
* Fixed a bug with overcapping Popularity and Number of supporters in elections.
* Fixed several bugs with the Lobbyist agent
* Fixed a bug when money from the Goon agent didn't transferred to the player's account
* Fixed a bug with the work-plan modifier in company statistics.
* Fixed a bug when some ambitions didn't work correctly.
* Fixed a bug due to which not all assistants were displayed in the finances window
* Fixed a bug when clicking on an item in the finance window

Being worked on:

* Elections of officials
* Automatic elections
* New laws
* AI companies
* New player resource panel
* Stock exchange

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