Patch 0.194.5 is available in beta branch now!


Game-Breaking bugs:

* Fixed crash during mergers/acquisitions on MacOS.
* Fixed crash related to ambitions (in some cases) when loading a save

Vulnerabilities and balancing:

* Skill "Grants" now gives a 10/20/30% bonus to the product price
* Skill "Trade" now gives a bonus of 1/3/5% of the negotiation price
* Bonuses / penalties to the price or the probability of negotiations from the difference in skills have been significantly reduced
* The risk of non-repayment of the loan has been returned to the game (will take effect only at the start of a new game)

Errors / requests:

* Now the player cannot fulfill ambitions / ask to use loans / use agents or use incriminating evidence against characters whose state is different from the player's state (if there are no assistants in such state)
* It is now impossible to fulfill the ambitions of your enemies
* Fixed a bug due to which some items did not appear at the auction
* Fixed a bug due to which the purchase price of an item at the auction could become negative
* Fixed a bug that caused the double icon of the federal law when saving and loading
* Fixed a bug with incorrect counting of votes in the chamber, if the composition of the chamber changed during the consideration of the law
* Fixed a bug due to which the company's market share in financial statistics was displayed incorrectly
* Fixed a bug due to which the law filter on the map was not reset when starting a new game
* Fixed a bug due to which the sound of the metronome in negotiations did not turn off when the sound was turned off in the settings
* Fixed incorrect tooltip when hovering over the cost of completing a task by an agent in an agent window
* Fixed some translation errors in the English version of the game
* Fixed incorrect text in some letters
* Fixed seals in the window for taking out a loan for correct ones

Being worked on:

* Construction of new workplaces rework
* Rebalancing the auction items
* Rebalancing and reworking of some agents
* Shareholders voting rework
* Officials elections
* New laws
* AI companies
* The new player resource bar
* Stock exchange

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