Patch 0.194.3 is available in beta branch now!


Game-Breaking bugs:

* Fixed crash after completion of negotiations in some cases
* Fixed crash during elections in some cases
* Fixed crash when applying "Saboteur" to a company that disappeared due to a merger/acquisition
* Fixed two more crashes of the game
* Acceleration of loading saves compared to version 194.2

Errors / requests:

* "Renown" stat has been added to the character tooltip
* Fixed a bug that prevented initiating some bills in Nebraska
* Fixed error in the tooltip when trying to conclude a deal with insufficient money.
* Fixed a bug with incorrect displaying of votes when lobbying politicians
* Fixed a bug when the skill "Evaluation" was not applied to the Detective and Lobbyist.
* Fixed a bug with a negative number in company credits when trying to take too big credit
* Fixed a bug when an incorrect tooltip was displayed when hovering over the Lobbyist icon.
* Fixed a bug when after fulfilling an ambition its description did not change
* Fixed a visual error when researching all companies/characters in a row.
* Fixed a bug due to which the photos were displayed incorrectly during the voting of shareholders
* The start date of the next registration of candidates for the chambers of parliament is now displayed correctly
* Fixed a bug that caused gender changes for previously created characters
* Removed unused education from the character generator
* Fixed some translation errors in the English version of the game

Being worked on:

* Officials elections
* More laws
* Voting rework
* Unlocking management cards in statistics at < 50% + 1 share
* Stock market
* Companies AI
* New status bar

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