Ethnic diversity in Plutocracy

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Thank you for the support and help that you are investing in the development of our project. Today we gonna talk about ethnic diversity in the game and how to generate characters. Let's get started!

We've made a system for generating unique characters with distinctive features of appearance to simulate the economy, politics and human relationships in full. It means that you won't come across two absolutely identical characters as in appearance and on the other features. Despite the fact that there are thousands of them in the game...

At the very start of the game you can choose the gender, age, attributes of appearance and race of your character as well as the features of his character and starting skills that he'll get.
In the game, you can choose a historical focus where women will only partially able to inherit some property and dispose of one. Besides, Negroid and Mongoloid races will occur in limited numbers until the middle of the 20th century 'cause the US at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries was still very far from the country where everyone had equal rights!

You get the opportunity to play by using an alternative focus where you can use the full diversity of characters without any limits and historical focus.

Each mode has advantages. For instance, you can influence the emancipation of women, black people, etc. so you can increase the welfare of the population, and as a result, it'll lead to an increase in your income. In addition, you can expand your share of voter loyalty.
Let's imagine a typical situation in the game: You came up with an idea that it'd be nice to get a loan with with minimum interest through the state treasurer. Because banks set high interest rates on the loan but you extremely need money to discover a new field...Thus, you took a decision to make useful relationships with the state treasurer by using a rout where you offer him a great reward for upcoming scam. All in a prize. You got "cheap" money, and now you can get around competitors by right putting the money into the business.
In the game, there will be conflicts based on ethnic divergence. Some of the characters will be less tolerant of a different religion, race, as a result, you can make an enemy who will be making conspiracies and intrigues against you if he get that you're with him not cut from the same cloth.

What do you think which mode is more interesting to play? In one that shows historical realities and ethnic conflicts or an alternative one where all representatives of different ethnic groups have the same rights? Leave your comments on the Indiegogo page or Steam.

We carefully think over different combinations of features characters, so that the player feels the full depth of human relationships. Representatives of ethnic groups, different religious denominations, political trends in the game are constantly butting heads with each other getting better conditions for life. You gotta find a balance between them 'cause that makes relationships between the game characters. Now there are more than 15 thousand of characters!

If you are in such a world, how will you behave? Will you seek for personal profit or will you try to use all the wealth you have received to transform society, the country, and even the whole world?

About avatars
Your avatar will be over here.

You can get a game avatar that our artist will draw from your photo in the game style while our IngieGoGo campaign is running. The avatar can be chosen from the list of characters when you start game.

You'll become the main hero of the story where by using big business and political influence the financial elite governs entire states as well as you'll get a unique digital portrait for envy to friends. You can share the portrait in social networks or just leave to remember.

There is very little time left until the end of the campaign and a limited number of perks with an avatar that our artist can have time to draw. Hurry up to back up our project and find out how secretly to run the world in the game Plutocracy!

Thank you for your attention and stay with us. And we will be talking about other interesting aspects of the game.

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