Beta branch launch and 0.192.113 update


We decided to launch a new experimental beta branch for users. It will contain content for future updates so that you don't have to wait long for upstream updates.

If you want to see a more stable version, you can wait to update the main branch of the game without downloading the beta version. We decided that it would be better to choose because the beta is updated more frequently, but it is still experimental. It may contain content that will not be presented in the main branch, that is available by default.

What's in the new beta:


Critical errors:

* Some game crashes that occurred in previous versions / FIXED

Vulnerabilities and balancing:

* Rebalancing character loyalty
* Rebalancing the influence of characters
* Rebalancing the economy

Minor bugs/complaints:

* Now when you are changing company parameters, there are hints if the action is blocked
* The arrows in the company statistics window now more accurately reflect what brings the company a profit and what is a loss


* New character avatars and more customization
* Influence reworked. It is now spent on various actions and restored at the beginning of each quarter
* Visual overhaul of the loyalty
* Added character reputation
* Choosing a reward for fulfilling a character's ambition
* New types of companies - Mining and Metallurgical
* When you hover over the ambition icon, you can now find out exactly what the character wants without revealing ambition
* Unique trait - Selective - Characters with this trait will refuse to meet with you if your Reputation is lower than theirs.
* Game performance improvements

Besides, we are currently finalizing work on the politics, as well as a new version of the tutorial and reworking of in-game tips. We have quite a lot of new features planned for future updates since we have finally dealt with most of the optimization problems, so the next updates promise to be more fundamental.

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