Play with friends online. Determine who of you is best suited for the role of billionaire.
Suppress the competitors
Use your knowledge, skills and different tools of influence to win.
Historical map of the U.S.A since 1870
Look for the profitable companies buying shares from current owners and take control over them. Your opponents will do the same. They will try to win you. Watch out!
Create the plots and get the dirt on opponents
Organize the murder and defend yourself from it
About the game
The «Plutocracy» is a turn-based 2D strategy. It simulates economic and political U.S. systems of the first billionaire's era starting since 1870, which is called Gilded Age.

Our game in some way is a financial empire building game that puts you in a challenge to become a shadow ruler of the world from the bottom. In it you buy companies, capture the market shares to make a fortune, lead and manipulate the politicians, publish the laws, use any tools to suppress the competitors. You should strive to achieve build a monopoly to establish your own control.

The «Plutocracy» is not only economic political simulator as well as the strategy game of the secret running a country and nation by powerful clans. That's why no one should know who really rules the world.

The game supports Windows, Linux, Mac OS. Release date - Q1 2018

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Game features
Buy out the companies
Your first aim to achieve in the game is to take over the company. Arrange a meeting to negotiate with shareholders and buy their shares. Buy out the controlling stake of the company and appoint your own CEO to benefit.
Build your monopoly
After you take over the company you should take over the market. Build your financial empire using mergers and acquisitions. But remember everything is interconnected in the economy. Do not forget about the logistics and financing while you buying the companies. You should capture the main market share quicker than your rival.
Manipulate the politicians
You can decide to finance initial election campaign politicians or give bribes to promote your own interests. Politicians will help you publish the laws which will favorably affect your economy as well as to impair the economy of your competitors.
Lobbying laws
In the game each player can to lobby the laws if he will collect the required number of votes. The laws can be used to increase profits of yours monopoly or to decrease profits of competitors' monopolies.
Historical facts and events
We put in the game significant historical events since 1870. They will affect the economy, politics and the players' property. For instance the First and Second World Wars and other military conflicts.
Recruiting agents of influence
They will help you to solve difficult problems. For instance using a journalist you can cause a panic on the stock exchange and provoke a fall in the shares of competitors' company. Or hire a private detective to dig some dirt up on the unwanted politicians.
Win in the auctions
Each state offers a special market property: a respectable home, vehicles, antiques, collectibles and other valuable items that you can buy at the auction. Each purchase increases your reputation in the world. But be careful! Do not invest in anything that cannot increase in price.
Play with your friends online. Determine who of you is best suited for the role of billionaire. You may choose your own goal for the win. Find yourself in the global ranking table of players.
Play the game and have fun!
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