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Feel like a world financial tycoon in the era of the first billionaires!
Do you want to know how the capital of first American billionaires was build? Try to surpass them using their tools such as bribery, blackmail, diversions of competitors, collecting compromising materials, lobbying politicians and corruption of official. All of that's possible. Fight for the stock market and build your empire in the game "Plutocracy"!
Game features
1. Historical map of the U.S.A since 1870
Look for the profitable companies buying shares from current owners and take control over them. Your opponents will do the same. They will try to win you. Watch out!

2. Fight for monopoly
There are hundreds of types of companies in the game, such as oil companies, industrial, banks & etc. Unite companies of the similar type and become the main player in the market. Receive an extra value from your bussiness. Only you can decide what monopoly you will build. Do you want to build your own oil monopoly like John Rockefeller or a transport monopoly like Vanderbilt? Or do you want to build your own monopoly like no one else? That's your choice!

3. Influence on the law
Plutocracy is the power of wealthiest. Politicians and officials for them are a kind of providing their private interests . Bribes, lobbying, sponsorship of the election campaign are the keys of shadow power. There are some kinds of officials you can see in the game. Governors, congressmen, senators, judges and prosecutors are important figures. Recognize their desires and manipulate them.

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4. The diplomacy in a deeper way
We have expanded the diplomacy and made it a key for reach success in the game. The more profitable the company is, the harder it is to persuade the owners to sell it. The more influential a politician is, the more difficult and expensive it will be to negotiate with him. Each character has his own personality. This factor will influence on negotiation with him . The player can develop various qualities and higher his chances for success.
5. Allies and secret agents
When it is necessary unique characters can come to help you influence your opponents and to solve different problems. They will help you when you are in trouble. For instance using a journalist you can cause a panic on the stock exchange and provoke a fall in the shares of competitor company. Hire a private detective to dig some dirt up on the unwanted politicians.
6. Game online
"Plutocracy" has multiplayer for 4 players. There are 2 modes: "every man for himself" and "2vs2". Also you can create your own world in "Sandbox" and complete the campaign consist of single missions.
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This looks super interesting. Good job guys.
The game looks very intriguing. Can't wait for its release
Hey I just saw your game trailer & I gotta say it looks cool awesome even good luck on it.
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